Andrew Ledbetter 2018

(If, say, you’re here for my ranking of all of Taylor Swift’s songs, you can find that here.)

I am a professor in TCU‘s Department of Communication Studies, which is housed in the Schieffer College of Communication. In my research program, I investigate how people use communication technology to maintain close ties with friends, family, and romantic partners. A related area of interest is family communication, where I have examined how family communication environments shape cognitions and behaviors related to communication technology use and general well-being.

I bring my passion for these topics into the classroom, where I have developed both undergraduate and graduate-level seminars on social media and personal relationships. With Em Griffin and Glenn Sparks, I am a co-author of A First Look at Communication Theory (11th ed.), the leading communication theory textbook in the field.

Check out my curriculum vitae for more information about my teaching and scholarship.

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