My teaching

I’ve taught a variety of courses during my career, but here are some courses that I’ve taught recently.

Undergraduate courses:

  • Communication Theory: This course introduces communication studies majors to foundational social scientific and humanistic communication theories.
  • Social Networking Sites & Personal Relationships: This upper-level undergraduate seminar focuses on classic and current theories of computer-mediated communication in order to understand contemporary communication technologies.

Graduate courses:

  • Social Networking Sites & Personal Relationships: Thematically, this course is much like its undergraduate-level cousin, but implements more original source readings and requires more advanced student work.
  • Quantitative Research Methods: This graduate course covers social science statistics, including correlations, t-tests, analysis of variance (ANOVA), and regression.

I’ve also worked closely with Em Griffin and Glenn Sparks on the textbook A First Look at Communication Theory, now in its 10th edition. Written in an engaging and conversational style, the book introduces students to metatheoretical traditions and specific communication theories.

A First Look title

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