My research

My research seeks to understand how people use communication technology to maintain their interpersonal relationships. Understanding family communication patterns and children’s psychosocial outcomes is a secondary (and sometimes related) research area.

Recent topics of investigation include development of a new theory that identifies how enjoyment of a communication medium predicts its use, understanding the effects of parental privacy invasions on students during the first year of college, and how family members respond when another family member violates their expectations for media use.

I am a quantitative social scientist, and I especially enjoy the quantitative part of that. In addition to core statistical procedures such as regression and ANOVA, I am proficient in structural equation modeling, including confirmatory factor analysis, multigroup models, and conditional process analysis in SEM. I have recently learned about social network analysis and am excited to use that method in future research projects. I perform most of my statistical analyses in R, which is an excellent open-source programming environment.

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